Product Stories

ARLANXEO rubber grades – for the cars of tomorrow

The focus of this year’s International Motor Show (IAA) taking place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from September 14 to 24 will be on “Future now.” Automobile companies are facing up to the challenges of the future by developing innovative technologies, and the demands that exist in that regard are certainly varied: cars need to be both efficient and environmentally friendly and should combine a modern design with a comfortable driving experience.

Rubber grades from ARLANXEO are used in essential parts of motor vehicles such as the engine compartment or the tires. What's more, windscreen wiper blades made from ARLANXEO’s products Baypren or Keltan provide a clear view, while air spring bellows made from Baypren enable smooth roadholding at all times. Tires made from an optimized blend of rubbers make driving considerably safer and also help you save fuel.

Rubber blends that meet the toughest requirements

The demands that the rubber grades used in vehicles are required to meet are varied. For example, they need to be both heat and flame-resistant, must be capable of resisting a whole host of chemicals and should demonstrate good tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance, in addition to high dynamic fatigue resistance. Our rubber grades have been developed for use under challenging conditions. For example, a drive belt incorporating Therban, a hydrogenated nitrile rubber, still retains its performance at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. 

A tailor-made rubber compound can be produced for any application imaginable. The various blends are custom-made to meet the demands and requirements that exist with regard to different types of gaskets in the coolant or air-conditioning circuits, toothed belts and V-belts, as well as various types of hoses, such as fuel hoses or brake hoses. What's more, our rubber grades are also suitable for use in engine bearings, membranes and vibration dampers, as well as a multitude of other elastomeric molded parts and extrudates.

Tires made from ARLANXEO rubber grades – for safety, fuel efficiency and a long service life

ARLANXEO offers butyl rubber, a number of different butadiene rubber grades, S-SBRs (solution styrene-butadiene rubber) and E-SBRs (emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber) for tires. In the field of solution styrene-butadiene rubber, we also collaborate with Michelin, one of the leading tire manufacturers, and also distribute rubber grades this company produces.

The applications in which rubber grades from ARLANXEO are used are extremely varied – they are used in the production of the inner liners, the tread and the sidewalls. The optimal blend of a rubber grade used to produce the tread of a tire, for example, must offer excellent performance in three areas: rolling resistance, a long service life and roadholding. This, in itself, is an extraordinary challenge, which we face on a daily basis in our Research and Development activities. We do this because we have set ourselves the target not only to maintain the quality of our rubber grades, but also to optimize it on a continual basis. We work in close collaboration with our customers at all times, in order to offer them the most suitable rubber blends, whether these are to be used in summer or winter tires, in automobile, truck or bus tires, on the roads or on tractors out in the fields.

High-tech products for sustainable mobility

As a result of our increasing mobility and the increasingly stringent requirements we ourselves and the environment impose on it, hi-tech products will play an essential part in the new developments of tomorrow, in which the environment will form the main focus: by reducing fuel consumption and emissions, modern technologies have the potential to enable the development of mobility solutions with reduced environmental impact. Rubber grades from ARLANXEO help to develop innovative products – so that our visions for the future become reality. 

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